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My name is Dr. Ryan Kempster, shark biologist and founder of Support Our Sharks (SOS).  It is my goal to uphold the mission of SOS to support healthy oceans by promoting better protection for sharks and their close relatives the rays and skates. I can only continue this mission with your support.  A simple donation makes all the difference, and will ensure that I can continue my mission to support our sharks through a combination of research, conservation and education.  By making a contribution you will be helping me to develop the SOS education program by taking the shark conservation message to kids in more schools, reduce demand for shark products through increased awareness, support SOS campaigns, and further my global scientific research projects.


Are you interested in making a tax-deductible donation to shark research? You can now make a tax-deductible donation thanks to our partnership with the University of Western Australia (UWA) Hackett Foundation. Simply go to the UWA online giving page – Fill out your details – and select the option for your donation to go to 'A Specific Fund or Appeal' and type Shark Outreach and Education’.


Your donations at work 

$5 can help us to produce online resources to raise awareness and inspire others to help protect sharks.

$10 can help us to produce important resources to share with schools and community groups.

$25 can help us to maintain our online citizen science website SharkBase.

$50 can help our scientists to provide free educational talks and events to schools and community groups locally, and around the world via video link.

$100 can help us to manage our research datasets and ensure they are made freely available to scientists and the public worldwide.

$500 can help us to recruit more citizen scientists worldwide and inspire them through engaging activities and involvement in innovative online research techniques.

$1000 can ensure that our research in made widely available through open access journals to allow scientists and the public direct access to our findings.

$5000 can buy and update essential remote monitoring equipment and software to help our scientists study shark behavior.

$10,000 can pay for an entire research expedition to investigate shark abundance and ecosystem health using non-extractive remote monitoring equipment.


Terms & Conditions

Support Our Sharks (SOS) is a project of the non-profit Hackett Foundation at The University of Western Australia (UWA).  Therefore, at this stage any contributions made to SOS, via PayPal, are NOT tax deductible. However, tax deductible donations can be made separately through our partnership with UWA. After fees and processing costs, 100% of your donation will go directly towards our education, conservation and research projects. For more detailed information on our work take a look at our Annual Reports. Conditions of Donation to UWA: Tax deductible donations, and any communication regarding these donations, will be managed by UWA. UWA agrees to issue a tax-deductible receipt to the Donor for each amount above $2 given for the purpose of ‘Shark Education and Outreach’. Capacity in Which UWA Holds Donation: The Donor agrees that the funds are not paid to UWA to hold on trust but rather that UWA is the legal and beneficial owner of those amounts.