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Grey Reef SharkMost sharks serve as top predators at the pinnacle of the marine food pyramid, and so play a critical role in ocean ecosystems. Directly or indirectly they regulate the natural balance of these ecosystems, at all levels, and so are an integral part of them. As they usually hunt older, weaker or sick prey, they also help to keep the prey population in good condition, healthy and strong animals are more able to reproduce and pass on their genes.  The effects of removing sharks from the ocean ecosystems, although complex and rather unpredictable, are likely to be ecologically and economically damaging. 

Below are just a few websites we feel are playing an important role in the conservation of sharks in the 21st century.  Please take the time to have a look at the following websites and give your support by signing up to their respective newsletters and relevant petitions.


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Shark Research Links [To the Top]


Alaska Shark Assessment Program
Bruce Wright created the Alaska Shark Assessment Program in response to many reports, mostly from fishermen, that sharks abundances in the north Pacific Ocean are at the highest levels ever observed. Hosted by the Conservation Science Institute.

American Elasmobranch Society
Dedicated to the scientific study of sharks, rays, and skates.

Canadian Shark Research Laboratory

An informative site dedicated to the study of the sharks of Atlantic Canada.


Cedric Tisserand's site aiming to compile information on conservation, species taxonomy, tagging programs, biology, disease and treatment, and related subjects.

Fresh water stingray information pages

Peter Piermarini's informative research pages describing the processes by which some stingrays have adapted to tolerate a fresh water existence.

GEERG - Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group

The GEERG website contains in-depth information and exclusive footage of the Greenland shark as well as other species inhabiting Canadian waters. GEERG has repeatedly managed to locate this elusive species and compile valuable information that will hopefully lead to a greater understanding of its habits and vulnerability. 

The International Shark Attack File

The ISAF is a compilation of all known shark attacks that is administered by the American Elasmobranch Society and the Florida Museum of Natural History.

The National Shark Research Consortium

The NSRC projects involve NMFS-related research activities required for assessing the status of shark stocks, managing U.S. shark fisheries, and helping the U.S. take the leading role in worldwide conservation and management of shark populations.

The Pacific Shark Research Center

The PSRC at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories conducts both basic and applied scientific research on the biology of Pacific Ocean chondrichthyans, serves as a resource center for scientific information on sharks to public policy makers, and participates in collaborative research on national and international issues involving shark, ray, and chimaera biology.

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation

PSRF is primarily involved in gathering data on sharks that occur in and around Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay. Besides providing tagging data important for assessing the abundance, distribution and migratory patterns of sharks, PSRF is researching and contributing to research which documents their behavior, biology and ecology.


One of the most comprehensive shark sites on the internet. ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research is dedicated to shark and ray conservation through its scientific research and public education programs. The Centre maintains research equipment and facilities, reference collections of fossil and extant elasmobranch specimens, a scientific library, elasmobranch databases, and public education materials. ReefQuest data collection centres around seal island in South Africa wher they maintain an ongoing white shark tagging and research program.

Shark specialist group

(SSG) and its regional shark specialist groups are composed of elasmobranch specialists willing to donate their time in identifying the problems associated with the maintenance of elasmobranch stocks in their regions. They also propose recommendations regarding fishing quotas and CITIES listings.

Shark Research Committee

The Shark Research Committee's primary goal was to assist the International Shark Attack File (ISAF) in documenting shark attacks from the Pacific Coast of North America. Broadened to include conducting original research on the general biology, behavior and ecology of sharks indigenous to waters off the Pacific Coast of North America, with particular emphasis on potentially dangerous species.

Shark Research Institute

Promotes conservation and awareness and conducts expedition based research on various shark species. Maintains a tagging program in Utila to study whalesharks, in which sport divers are invited to participate. 

Whale Shark Mexico

Dedicated to researching the movements and biology of whale sharks in and around the Sea of Cortez.



Elasmobranch Identification [To the Top]


Egg capsules of sharks, skates, and chimaera

Good descriptions and pictures to aid in the identification of egg cases.


A huge database containing the most comprehensive list of fish data on the web.


The Reef Environmental Education Foundation is a grass roots, non profit organization of recreational divers who regularly conduct fish biodiversity and abundance surveys during their dives.

Shark Foundation Gallery

Containing many identification pictures of sharks. Part of the Swiss based Shark Foundation website.



Shark Attack Links [To the Top]



The International Shark Attack File headed by George Burgess. Contains archival information on all reported attacks and useful insights into how to avoid attack. The attack analysis is a very useful tool.

Australian Shark Attack File

Info on recorded attacks in Australian waters.



Shark Conservation Links [To the Top]



"Bite-Back is about changing the way we regard sharks and encouraging individuals and organizations to stop buying or selling shark meat and fins"

International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources - IUCN

IUCN is responsible for the compilation of the red list; an index of threatened species currently including over 12000 species!  An extract from the list showing the elasmobranchs that have been included is available here.

The Ocean Conservancy

Advocates of wild, healthy oceans. Active in many areas of shark and ray protection.

Shark Foundation

Founded to actively support the protection and preservation of endangered shark species and their natural surroundings

The Shark Trust

Dedicated to the fight to save our sharks. Please lend your support.

Wild aid

Campaigning for sharks and endangered creatures everywhere. Please lend your support.



Miscellaneous Shark Links [To the Top]


Anatomy of a Shark Tooth

Learn all you need to know about shark teeth.

Classic Diving Books - Sharks

Reviews of some very rare and obscure shark books

The Dedicated Shark Site

General shark info from a big shark fan


The shark photography of Wolfgang Leander. Amazing black and white portraits.

Shark Facts

As the name might suggest, Shark Facts is a site aimed to educate and inform. It’s their goal to scour the internet for the most accurate and interesting shark information, and display it in a logical and easy to digest manner.

Shark Diver Magazine

An awesome quarterly magazine specifically for the shark diving enthusiast. Subscribe now! The website contains information on recent shark sightings, upcoming expeditions, and a message forum.

Underwater Times - Shark News

More links to shark related incidents in the news than I've seen anywhere else.



Ocean Resources for Kids [To the Top]


NOAA Fun for Kids

Links for different NOAA related subjects for kids, including ocean explorer, national marine sanctuaries and the Jetstream.

Caribbean Sea Ocean Links

Here you will find many links to ocean resources related to the Caribbean Sea.

Oceans and Marine Life Science

An educational link for teachers on Earth’s water and marine life.

Water Education Foundation

All about the water cycle for children. Educating children on Earth’s water.

USGS Water Science for Schools

Comprehensive data and information on earth's water for educators.

Water for Kids

The EPA's list of links for kids to learn about earth's water, including exploring estuaries, the wetlands and water drops among others.

Fun Water Facts for Kids

Interesting facts about water.

Why is the Dead Sea Dead?

Information about the Dead Sea for children.

Ocean Living

The Smithsonian’s Zoological Park’s section on ocean life.

Marine Bio Kids

Marine science links for interactive games for kids.

Life in the Deep

An interesting and informative article on life in deep ocean waters.

Kids Oceans-Ocean Creatures

Links to different sea creatures, games and videos for kids.

Marine Ecosystem

All about the marine ecosystem and life in the different ecosystems.

Ecosystem Guide

A short look at the importance of how the food web in the oceans. 

Water Pollution

Information about water pollution for kids.

Ocean Pollution

All about what ocean pollution is and the different ocean water zones explained for kids.

Tiki the Penguin's Pollution Links page

A comprehensive list of links for kids about pollution and environmental education for kids.

All About Water and Pollution

A comprehensive list of links for teachers and students about water and pollution.

Marine Biomes

A short look at marine biomes for kids.

Yangtze River Dolphin

A short and informative look at how a dolphin is becoming extinct due to pollution.

Aquatic Life

A comprehensive list of links for teachers and students about all things ocean.

Climate Kids: What is happening in the ocean?

Information for kids from NOAA on climate change and the oceans.

Global Warming for Kids

An explanation of global warming and climate change for children.

Physical Ocean

An informative look at the different physical properties of the ocean.

Ocean Life

A comprehensive list of links all about the ocean, ocean life, and physical properties.

Oceans Alive!

A short informative look at how the oceans currents work.

Ocean Surface Topography From Space

An informative and comprehensive look at the Earth’s oceans from space.

Why is the Ocean Salty?

An explanation of saltwater and its properties.

Ocean Topography

A short look at the ocean topography, including links to related ocean topography pages.

Climate Change for Kids

A look at climate change and how it affects us for young children.

Warnings From the Ice

Links to articles on the Antarctic, including the environment and stories of the ice.

What is Ocean Colour?

Have you ever wondered why the oceans are blue and great? Find out more on this website.

Clean Our Oceans: The Impact of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Resources relating to marine debris and ocean polution.