SOS Ocean Film Festival 2013

Sharks, Camera, Action! 

Location: The University of Western Australia, Social Science Lecture Theatre (map)      

Time & Date: 13:00 - 16:30 pm, June 26th 2013 (detailed schedule below)

Entry Fee: FREE but RSVP essential (book tickets here)        

Event Info.: UWA event page; UWA poster; SOS poster;

Shark Cartoon - Film FestivalSharks, Camera, Action! is the inaugural ocean film festival of Support Our Sharks, sponsored by the Beneath The Waves Film Festival (whom have provided all the films) and the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies Sharks, Camera, Action! is a film festival focused on sharks and their relatives, including a Q&A with shark experts. This event aims to encourage, inspire, and educate the general public about the important role that these incredible animals play in our oceans. Our goal is to facilitate understanding of sharks and their relatives by screening marine research and conservation films from around the world.

Globally, sharks are being overfished at levels never before seen in human history, and lack of proper management is pushing many species to the brink of extinction. Substantial attention is now focused on identifying the most at-risk species and implementing effective conservation and management plans.

Join us to hear from researchers and conservationists from around the world to learn about why we should be afraid for sharks NOT of sharks.

This is a Beneath the Waves Film Festival event, hosted by Support Our Sharks, which is co-sponsored by UWA’s Institute of Advanced Studies, Neuroecolgy Group and the Oceans Institute.

Event Organiser: Ryan Kempster, Founder of Support Our Sharks

Event Volunteers: Channing Egeberg, Caroline Kerr, Carl Schmidt and Jessica Mountford.


Sharks, Camera, Action! Program Guide  

13:00-13:15 Welcome address

13:15-14:00 Session 1 Films

14:00-14:15 Break

14:15-15:15 Session 2 Forum (Q&A with shark experts)

15:15-15:30 Break

15:30-16:15 Session 3 Films

16:15-16:30 Closing address


Welcome address

Opening film: 'Baja' - Erick Higuera (5 mins)

Introduction from event organiser Ryan Kempster.


Session 1

'Meet Wilson' - Lesley Rochat (1 min)

'A Shark’s Tale' - Ryan Kempster (8 mins)

'Rare Encounter with a Greenland Shark' - Matt Amick (3 mins)

'Manta Ray of Hope' - Shawn Heinrichs (8 mins)

'Coastguards' - Austin Gallagher (4 mins)

'Sharkwater Saipan' - Angelo Villagomez and Rob Stewart (5 mins)

'Now, More than Ever, Sharks Count' - Samantha Whitcraft (12 mins)  


Session 2 Forum: Shark Expert Panel

Prof. Shaun Collin, Shark repellent expert, University of Western Australia.

Prof. Erika Techera, Marine law expert, University of Western Australia.

Ass. Prof. Nathan Hart, Shark repellent expert, University of Western Australia.

Tim Nicol, Marine conservation expert, Conservation Council of western Australia.

Ryan Kempster, Shark conservation expert, PhD Student - University of western Australia.


Session 3  

Time Will Tell’ - Madison Stewart (13 mins)


Befriending Giants’ - Shawn Heinrichs (6 mins)


Don’t Bite the Hand that Feeds’ - Christine Shephard (4 mins)


The Story of Sharks’ - Brendan Talwar and Ian Rossiter (5 mins)


Sink or Swim Tokyo’ - Tre Packard (7 mins)


Oceanic Revelations’ - Amanda Cotton (6 mins)


Our Blue’ - Nick Stec (7 mins)   


Closing address  

Event organiser, Ryan Kempster, to close proceedings