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SharkBase ImageESDS Shark Deterrent Fails Testing

Article by Support Our Sharks (11 Mar 2019)

Our latest research highlights the risk that the public face when they put their trust into untested shark deterrent devices....



SharkBase ImageRepelling White Sharks with Lights and Sounds

Article by Support Our Sharks (06 Dec 2017)

In recent years, the search for an effective shark deterrent has intensified in the wake of highly publicized shark bite incidents...



SharkBase ImageResearch Revels Effective Shark Deterrent

Article by Support Our Sharks (03 July 2016)

A team of international researchers, led by SOS Founders, Dr. Ryan Kempster and Channing Egeberg, have revealed test results showing...



SharkBase ImageTest Your Shark ID Skills and Help Scientists at the Same Time

Article by Support Our Sharks (16 March 2016)

How good are your shark ID skills? What if you could put your skills to the test whilst also contributing to scientific research?...



SharkBase PhotoShark researchers need Your Help!

Article by Support Our Sharks (06 April 2015)

Citizen Science could hold the key to improving our understanding and management of shark populations...



Hammerhead Protection CMSAction Alert: Australia's Sharks Need Your Help...Again!

Original Article by Humane Society International (23 January 2015)

Last November, we celebrated the agreement of an unprecedented number of shark and ray species (21 species)...



Is there hope for great white sharks?Culling, Finning, Illegal Fishing...and Beaching!? Is There any Hope for the Great White Shark?

Guest Article by Clare James (15 October 2014)

In recent years, the plight of Great White Sharks has hit the headlines around the world...



97% of Experts Agree97% of Experts are Opposed to Lethal Shark Control

Article posted by Support Our Sharks (1 September 2014)

We asked the experts for their views on shark control and this is what they said...



Wooden Spoon RepellentThe Wooden Spoon Shark-Repellent

Article posted by Support Our Sharks (14 August 2014)

The latest in shark repellent technology, 'proven' to be as effective as any other untested repellent on the market...



Dusky Shark ProtectionSOS Joins WWF, WildAid and Others to Lobby for Better Protection of Dusky Sharks

Article posted by Support Our Sharks (17 July 2014)

In early 2013, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) submitted petitions to the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)...



Email to the Environment MinisterAction Alert: Tell Australia's Environment Minister to stop the cull

Article posted by Support Our Sharks (18 June 2014)

Australia's Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt will have final say on whether Western Australia's shark cull is allowed to proceed...



Stop The CullAction Alert: Stop The WA Shark Cull

Article posted by Support Our Sharks and prepared by Prof. Jessica Meeuwig (14 June 2014)

The Western Australian shark cull policy is now being assessed by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) thanks to the thousands of public submissions they received...



Shark Repellent Research ExpeditionHas Queensland Really Saved Lives by Killing Thousands of Sharks?

Article by Prof. Jessica Meeuwig (Date: 28 February 2014)  

One of the most common justifications for Western Australia’s shark cull is the longstanding use of drum lines in regions such as Queensland...



Shark Repellent Research ExpeditionShark Repellent Research Expedition - Live Blog 2014

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 08-20 January 2014)  

We are giving you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our latest research expedition to test a range of cutting-edge shark repellents.



100 + scientists against cull policy100+ Shark Experts Oppose WA Shark Cull Policy in Open Letter

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 29 November 2013)  

Given the lack of consultation with shark experts over the WA shark cull policy, Dr. Ryan Kempster drafted an open letter to the WA Government...



How to stop shark attacksHow to Stop Shark Attacks

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 29 November 2013)  

In light of the most recent shark bite fatality in Western Australia, there have been renewed calls for a cull of large sharks to protect ocean users...



Shark RepellentThe Shark Repellent Solution

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 18 October 2013)  

Research update: We have been working tirelessly to better understand the sensory biology of sharks to find the most effective repellent solution... 



20 things you didn't know about sharks40 awesome facts you didn't know about sharks

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 04 June 2013) 

There are over 400 species of sharks, ranging in size from just a few inches to over 16 metres...



Up to 273 million shark killed every yearUp to 273 million shark killed every year

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 03 March 2013) 

The most accurate assessment to date of the impact of commercial fishing on sharks suggests...



Rare shark discovered in AustraliaRare shark discovered in Australia

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 25 February 2013) 

A rare species of shark has been added to the ID books for those that inhabit Australian waters. 



Survival of the stillest: Baby sharks may reveal the secret...

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 09 January 2013)

Research published by SOS in the open access journal PLoS One shows that banded bamboo sharks (Chiloscyllium punctatum) are able to sense predators while still in an embryonic state.



Response to WA Shark Mitigation Announcement

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 01 October 2012)

We applaud the Government for allocating $4 million to applied research and tagging programs...



Shark Run 2012Shark Run 2012

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 03 September 2012)

On August 26th 2012, SOS founder, Ryan Kempster, did his part for shark conservation by running the Perth City to Surf Marathon in 3hrs 53mins.



Sharks: Beware of peopleSharks: Beware of people

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 03 September 2012)

Every day, the inaccurate and unjustified portrayal of sharks in the media fuels our fear that they are lurking off our coasts waiting for their next meal ... us!



Shark Spotted in the OceanShark Spotted in the Ocean

Article by Support Our Sharks (Updated: 01 April 2013)

Holiday makers at a popular tourist beach were today warned to stay out of the water as reports came in that there may be sharks in the ocean...



How I Became a Shark BiologistHow I Became a Shark Biologist

Article by Support Our Sharks (Date: 01 August 2012)

“The only good shark is a dead shark” were appalling words that struck Ryan Kempster (Founder of Support Our Sharks) on the coasts of the Bahamas...



Are Fin-Bans an Effective Tool in the Conservation of Sharks?Are Fin-Bans an Effective Tool in the Conservation of Sharks?

Article by David Trescuri (Date: 25 June 2012)

One of their own has challenged shark conservationists over the value of shark “fin-ban” legislation...



Why 'Transgenic Stingray' Shoes are Likely to be a HoaxWhy 'Transgenic Stingray' Shoes are Likely to be a Hoax

Article by: Jeremy Hsu, InnovationNewsDaily (Date: 01 June 2012)

Want to buy a customizable sneaker made from transgenic stingray leather? You would be better off saving your $1,800...



Feeding Behaviour of the Megamouth SharkFeeding Behaviour of the Megamouth Shark

Article by: Support Our Sharks (Date: 01 August 2010)

Megachasma pelagios, or as it is more commonly known, the megamouth shark, is one of the least understood sharks...




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